Day: December 31, 2021

Microplastics – What Are They? How Much Microplastic Do We Eat?

We define microplastics, and once that is understood, the next logical question is, “How much microplastic do we consume?” As a result, we’ll attempt to address it as well. Additionally, “Is that beneficial to my health?” Surprisingly, nobody seemed to know. Once microplastics reach the environment, they do not biodegrade. They accumulate in animals, particularly…

Pope Francis on Climate Change – Calls for a ‘Radical’ Response

Pope Francis’ Climate Change calls this year have been for a ‘Radical’ Response. Prior to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), Pope Francis and other religious leaders issued a united demand for serious solutions to avert a “unprecedented ecological tragedy” on the planet. The advanced summit “science and faith: COP26″ brought together Christian leaders…